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There are many different documents out on the Internet that provide good reference material for people interested in weather. Below are different sites that we have created that explain why some things in the weather happen and how some of the equipment that we use to measure the weather works.

General Weather

Atmospheric Radiation, an online guide

Ice Crystals, Cloud Electrification, Lightning, and Other Charges

Online Presentations
Table of contents

Is our weather getting more violent? - An online presentation about how tornadoes and hail have increased with time.

Rear Flank Downdraft Effects on Tornadogenesis - 1999 research looking into the possible impacts of the temperature of the RFD and its effects on tornado formation and strength.

Severe Weather and Storm Chasing - An online presentation about storm chasing that discusses everything from the goals of a chase to the equipment used on a chase. 

Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, and Other Types of Severe Weather. - An online presentation used at schools by the Team to teach students about severe weather.

Weather Radar Identification - An introductory presentation explaining the basics of using weather radar to identify severe weather.

Storm Chasing

Chasing severe storms - an ever growing manual on how to chase storms safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Storm Chasing Articles
Table of contents

Chase toys: how much is too much?

How much money can I make as a storm chaser?

Vehicle preparation.

Who can be a storm chaser?

What is storm chasing really like?

What is the ideal chase vehicle?

Your private forecaster.

Weather Radar

Weather Radar - Types of weather radars and how they work

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